Jan van Iperen

Connecting & Informing People, mostly in Food Supply Chains

Jan van Iperen


Jan is your go-to Dutch intermediary with strong skills in food, beverage and ag supply chains. He maintains a loyal network and influence in the juice and citrus industry, for over 25 years. Jan enforces cross-pollinations in industries and networks, leverages connections and adds value.
He is business developer, advisor and evangelist to organizations in food and ag(tech), tinkers with code and no-code, and publishes newsletters for different niche industries.

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Experience, connections, access and a firm drive against confirmation bias make that Jan is a worthy sparring partner, business consultant and sales broker. He enforces cross pollinations in industries and networks, leverages connections and adds value.



Jan's role as board advisor helps companies steer the right course and jumpstart operations, while adding huge value through his access to the purchasing power of the ingredients industry.



Since 2014 Jan reaches a global audience through multiple online niche periodicals. The authority that comes with daily newsletters is handled delicately, but effectively.


Sierra Agra USA (SAUSA) fights food loss by transforming the abundant fruits and vegetables of the Central Valley into high-quality juices, purees, concentrates, oils and essences, having social and environmental impact. SAUSA serves national and international clients.   Sierra Agra USA

Juice News brings curated headlines to professionals and stakeholders in the Juice and Beverage industry. It is well read and highly recommended for industry insights.   Juice News

Since 1976, indupro connects people in the ingredients industry. Facilitating better connections and industry information through brokerage, match-making, consulting and advisory.   indupro

wrample is an in-house developed solution that allows for quick, solid and reliable curation and publication of niche industry news.   ⚍ wrample

Let's end Food Loss together

If there's one thing you can reach out to Jan for, it is projects that encounter food loss and/or improve efficiency of food supply chains.

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