Four Oh! Four

There are circumstances in life where it is not clear who’s to blame for a mistake. And you and I finding each other on this page is one of them.

See, the thing is, I know it was you who took an odd turn. And I forgive you. I know you would forgive me. Because I have flaws too, especially when it comes to this blog, web presence or whatever you want to call this blueish display of narcissistical self-satisfaction. There is a level of FOBO in me that makes me change this site so often that I leave broken pages without proper redirection floating around like dust in the wind…

Wow, this is starting to become a rumbling ramble and what I actually should say is: “It’s not you, it’s me.” But then again, you clicked something you shouldn’t have clicked… or maybe you didn’t know you shouldn’t click it, which means…

Ok, I am sorry. Really.

Still, I think we should not fuss about it for too long, there is always a way out and in this case the way out is rather simple: Just 1 click.

Go ahead: just CLICK and you are back to the very beginning. There you go!