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Jan van Iperen

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Let's start with the name: Jan 🗣️Yahnn... it's a Dutch thing. Jay is also fine.

Jan is a Dutch guy living in Washington · DC, born in the year of the Apple I (1976), happily married to Bee, proud father of 3 boys and active in food supply chains for the past 25 years. Mostly as intermediary between producers (those transforming fruits and vegetables into juices, concentrates, purees, oils and essences) and those active in the ingredients industry (who use these half products to make new ingredients, compounds or who bottle the product for consumer consumption).

Since a couple of years that position - as broker - has been complemented with various roles as business developer, interim sales manager, advisor or consultant.

Through broad interest and encounters with bright minds, Jan skilled himself in curating industry news (within familiar niches) and publishing corresponding content, online and through newsletters. It has grown his reach and authority since 2014 and taught him a lot: in communications, in automation, in software development and in adding value for others. Karma is strong with this one...

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Since 2000

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[Please reach out should you want to make changes to this copy] Jan is your go-to Dutch intermediary with strong skills in food, beverage and ag supply chains. He maintains a loyal network and influence in the juice and citrus industry, for over 25 years. Jan enforces cross-pollinations in industries and networks, leverages connections and adds value. He is business developer, advisor and evangelist to organizations in food and ag(tech), tinkers with code and no-code, and publishes newsletters for different niche industries. More information can be found via janvaniperen.com



You may be curious about the pixelated pear you see as logo... Jan's last name is "van Iperen". The last part of that is "Iperen". With a bit of imagination and translation he converted that "i-peren" to "i-pears", resulting in "ipears", which became his nickname online. From pear-shaped to perfection: ipears


Food Loss

Through various projects Jan has seen the missed opportunities and inefficiencies in the fight against Food Loss. Right now it drives his professional endeavors.


Stay Curious, Look over the Fence and Listen to Evidence that Contradicts your Beliefs.

It is the motto Jan lives by. He believes he can learn from anyone. He believes he can learn from any situation. He does not believe that what he knows and has experienced is either right or wrong, or a truth set in stone. The motto is one that strengthens him, keeps him alert and inquisitive, and that yields the most interesting and inspiring conversations. In Jan's opinion, confirmation bias is one of the most elementary blockers in our development. So by being aware of it and bending it to his will, he makes the opposite his forte.