I am a visual guy. When an idea is generated in my mind, next steps are usually domain name and logo.

Over the years I designed quite a few, all for my own use, never for others. Below a selections of some of my better (minimal) design.

Project & PurposeLogo
At a certain moment, I was looking for a better means for personal branding. Dissecting my last name and sort of translating it, I came up with ipears.
From an online alias, to brand, eventually it became the name of my holding company. The 8-bit vibe it has to it reflects that most of my activities are more and more related to online and digital activities. I’ve had many different versions of “i” pears over the years, but I really appreciate the simplicity (you will notice a preferred minimal trend) and dynamics of this logo. With no public activities under that name anymore, I probably leave it as is.
juice news
The logo for juice news was there way before I had a clear and clean idea what the format and contents would be. Only thing I knew for sure was that it would be covering insights on the juice industry and that it was supposed to spread… have a ripple effect throughout the juice industry.
I wear this logo with pride, it has yielded me many new contacts and relations.