Launching 'juice news' online

For too long, the website of juice news has been a landing page, just some basic information and a sign up form. That means that over that time, there has been no build up of links, content and web traffic that might contribute to the growth of juice news.

Not anymore. 🚀

Finally, you can read juice news on the website too. This seems like a redundant thing, but I trust you understand that people finding out about the newsletter become easier if the headlines can actually be found through the mighty interwebs.


Yes, so actually I soft-launched already some weeks ago. That means that I can give you some updates already:

🌎 visitors from all over the world have visited
⏱ on average they spent about 1.15 minutes on the site
🔁 about 22% of the visitors are return visitors
💌 till 3 days ago there was only one spot to subscribe…

Because of the latter, I made some changes to the side (read: more locations/pages where you can sign up), which should increase the sign up rate.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

A lot of thanks goes to the very patient Juice Market, who have been sporting a “Daily News updates courtesy of Juice News…coming soon” message for a long time.
Now, with the headlines originating from the website and RSS active, finally they can have the headlines on their website.

Should you use a feed reader or use that function in your email application (most clients offer that option) then you can add the feed of juice news to receive the updates from the site as they come along.

Unlike many other websites, the feed links not to the juice news website but to the original article. This means that when you put the feed on your website, you steer your visitors directly to the headlined articles.
I will always appreciate a link back though. 🙏🏼

Telegram — For those making use of Telegram for messaging, please join the juice news channel and receive updates instantly.


Due to the headlines originating from the site, now the newsletter is being compiled automagically (saving me a lot of time), which means that there have been some minor cosmetic changes.

One other thing that changed is that there now is an option to display the summary for each headline (as displayed on the “today” page on the website). This is not activated by default, but you can toggle this by going to your email settings (at the bottom of each newsletter) and checking the box for Yes at “Headlines with Summary”.


One more thing that I changed in order to make it easier to subscribe: It is no longer needer to fill out 3 fields in the subscribe form. Your email address alone is enough, you can add your name and further details at another moment.


Also here I have to thank others. I have done some simple advertising (mainly with referral linking) in the past, but it was never really done thoroughly, nor really focused on our juice industry. It was due to enquiries about the possibilities that I structured the sponsoring options and here we are.

juice news reaches (at time of this post) about 1370 professionals in the juice industry and related arenas.
There is good reason for companies to reach that audience directly. The wide LinkedIn network in ingredients that Jan van Iperen offers on top of that only adds more value.

Now, I have a nice package to offer with a good spread and broad audience in the ingredients industry.

  • Mon - Fri: will put the sponsor in juice news emails as “sponsor of this week’s juice news” above the headlines
  • Mon - Fri: will put an “about this week’s sponsor” title under the headlines with a short (≤ 200 characters) description
  • Mon - Sun: will put the sponsor on the website of juice news as “sponsor of this week’s juice news”
  • Mon: A post written by me on juice news will be headlined within that week’s first juice news edition, thanking the sponsor. This post will automatically be distributed to Twitter and Telegram
  • Tue: will promote the website of the sponsor in a post on my LinkedIn profile and juice news Group page


In order to put in perspective the professionals I reach and how:

Number of professionalsMeans
1.620directly in their inbox
1.266juice news LinkedIn group
12.223direct professional LinkedIn connections

Price tag

This package deal is available - after mutual agreement[1] - for EUR 435,– per week[2].

Discounts are fixed and as follows:


❤️ If it appeals to your company, please follow this link to learn more about sponsoring juice news and perhaps you are the next sponsor.

Work in Progress

I am very open to feedback on any level for this website, so please let me know what you think, like and hate about it. I cannot please all, but am very willing to experiment along the way.
This is something to sharpen my coding skills again and will only contribute to the eventual and final product.

Below what has been done and what still needs to be done:

Already implemented

  • Better readability
  • Bigger tappable / clickable areas of “today’s news”
  • Privacy Policy
  • Setting DNS
  • Actually setting the site live
  • Finetune the RSS data
  • Option for weekly sponsoring
  • Easier Sign Up options from within the newsletter
  • Optimisation details

Still to implement

  • Easily copy paste link and contents for sharing
  • Make archives easier to browse[3]
  • Instant share on social media

The Future

So this is the next stage and what the future brings needs to be seen. I can fully disclose that I have no intentions to change much in the personal way I handle juice news, although it may not be the most time efficient process.
The good thing is that over time I have been able to streamline it and the whole flow, the daily attention and time are totally worth it.

Most important, it has given me a lot of insight, experience and ideas for the next side project.

The whole ingredients industry

Slowly but surely the outline for ingrediens (not a typo) is getting clearer and soon I will update you on the first stage. In short: Over time I have seen many holes and missed opportunities by existing information suppliers within the ingredients industry. Being from within this industry I know I can offer solutions to many of the problems and irritations most of us are facing on a daily basis. ingrediens will optimise the way you interact within the ingredients industry.

So. More to come, more to improve and more to service the ingredients industry in the upcoming, turbulent yet exciting years. 👊🏻

Let’s keep in touch!

Jan van Iperen

  1. Just like how I curate the news by hand, I will not automatically accept every sponsor, they have to be in line with the audience and meet my standards. ↩︎

  2. a. VAT may apply, depending on sponsor’s country of incorporation.
    b. Price is set for specific period and not necessarily similar for future sponsoring. ↩︎

  3. with the current setup, it is technically not possible to enable this (pagination of the long list), but this is something that will change as soon as possible. ↩︎

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