I am Jan van Iperen, born in the year of the Apple I1 in Holland, a.k.a The Netherlands, which means I am Dutch2. Married to Bee, father to J. & R. and enjoying life.


Core business of every day is my company indupro, a brokerage firm for fruit juices, concentrates, essential oils, aromas and powders.
Right now additional time goes into 2 newsletters I am sending out, juice news (daily) and the next ingredients industry (monthly). Working hard to get the mailings and the content optimized and the readership grown. Coming days both mailinglists will be combined and the readers will be given option to receive either one or both mailings.


Woah, Washington DC is both inspiring and confusing: This surely is NO representation of the US, yet the highly diverse melange of people here makes only the more interesting.

  1. 1.1976.
  2. 2.Pun intended, referring to an opening scene of Seinfeld.