Tools, Apps and Services I use

Where applicable, referral links are being used, without any disadvantages for the user unless stated otherwise… yet usually with a kickback to me.
If you want to know certain specifics or if you are missing things, please dm me on twitter.


2015 MacBook Pro 13"

Bought this maxed out “old” version from Craigslist in October 2018, preferring the keyboard and stability of the whole machine over the newer editions. And very simply put: for the work and light weight development I do, it has all the power I need.
Have gotten to like the form factor even more and currently use it as my main laptop, prefer it over its 15" brother.

2011 Macbook Air 11"

I recently reconfigured this Mac with Linux Ubuntu… to explore that OS, to see whether I can shift away from Mac OS and further support open source software. With some minor effort on top of the basic Ubuntu install, this machine handles the OS splendidly and has given a new feel to it again.
I have it velcroed out of sight and with lid closed, as it currently only serves to perform some basic continuous tasks. I can access it whenever I want using vnc.

Pixel 2 XL

Although a bit beaten up, still makes best pictures ever, runs smoothly and serves the purpose.

Ledger Nano S

Although I only invested 500 Dollar in order to experience the whole crypto-currency process, I thought it good to have it properlu secured. At the time I did the research, the Ledger Nano S seemed the best option and I guess it does what is does well.

Ledger Nano S



I spend a lot of time exposing my eyes to screens. That’s why I have most devices set to night mode, night shift or whatever less blue light setting.
On my laptop I have a couple of color-related apps (for video and image editing) that act better without system-wide color adjustment. As macOS’ Night Shift does not allow for certain apps to be omitted, I still have f.lux running on my MBP.


Station is the first smart workstation for busy people.
A single place for all of your web-applications.

A no-brainer for everybody who uses a slur of web-based tools and apps, to have them conveniently in 1 location: Station.

Currently running in Station:

  • Multiple mail accounts (g suite & Outlook)
  • And Co (for tracking billable hours)
  • Calendar
  • Whatsapp
  • Trello
  • Tweetdeck
  • Notion
  • OneDrive

VS Code

After Textmate, Coda and even a short period of Atom, I have made Visual Studio Code my go-to text editor: not just for code, but also for daily journaling (using the Journal extension) and as main terminal.

I have never been a real coder, more a copy/paste and edit kind of user, but writing most notes, articles and journal posts in Markdown, VS Code became the best solution, tweaked to my needs.

I am running it with the Cobalt2 theme which is functionally minimal and very pleasing to the eye.

Standard Notes

I am supporting Standard Notes with a 5 year plan as I fully endorse their approach to open source well encrypted notes. Recently [March 2019 when I am writing this] it has become a more important part of my daily work flow. The functionality they offer to publish selected notes in blog format opened up a good solution for keeping a public changelog for one of my projects.

Explore and learn more about Standard Notes right here.


Google Fi

I learned from a young age that communications is something you should never haggle over. I do not endorse many things, but ever since I have been using Google Fi, my mobile phone and plan became something I did not have to worry about anymore. When traveling I know I will have coverage, I know I pay the same for every byte as I pay in the US and the service’s ability to find open wireless networks ensures lowest possible monthly costs. I never felt easier to tether on the go.
This involves a referral link, it gives both you and me $20 credit when you use Google Fi for 30 days. Win Win. Terms and Conditions apply

Dropbox / G Suite

Should I break or lose my laptop, either Dropbox and/or (yes, I use them both redundantly) Google Drive will save me and have me back up and running in no time.

No, it is not the only booking service I use (still appreciate and use AirBnB every now and then). But having used it for quite a while, having written reviews and having reached .genius status, the discounts and merits make an easy choice.


Moving to the US was an extra stimulus to dive deeper into personal privacy. After doing some proper research ( is a good starting point), I decided to choose for OVPN as VPN provider. Simple setup with their own app or through any 3rd party app, great customer service and an overall good experience with them. Learn more and see their pricing (well worth it) here


Although Google Sheets provides in most needs when using an online Excel alternative, for some projects I prefer Airtable. Will be posting some more details on this in a separate post, but for now this is what you need to know: Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.


Especially when attending overcrowded fairs in expensive cities (Anuga in Cologne, Sial in Paris) Airbnb usually saves me more than just a little bit… Besides the cost savings, I really appreciate being with a local and feeling more like a local.
Get $36 in travel credit when using the link