I am Jan van Iperen, born in the year of the Apple 𝗜[1] in Holland, a.k.a The Netherlands, which means I am Dutch[2]. Married to Bee, father to J. & R. and enjoying life.

Home is where my family is.

I tend to feel at home pretty quickly in new environments, whether it is a hotel room for a couple of days or a different country for a couple of years. I do not ask for much, am curious about what’s really local and usually avoid the chain restaurants and stores, so I have a more local experience. Different locations have different impact on me, mostly through the people and food I encounter.

I regard myself lucky to have seen a bit of the world, through work and through leisure travel. A couple of locations that made an impact on me personally:

Breda - Prinsenbeek Where I was born and raised

Maastricht Where I found true friendship

Rotterdam Where I found passion in work, where I found love in life

Den Haag Where I came of age

Washington DC Where I experience life abroad for a longer period

Bento Gonalves Where I fell in love with Brazil (and usually gain a couple of pounds, because the wine and the (Italian) food is too good)

Florianópolis Where I experienced ski-bunda for the first time.

🛠 Stuff I use

  1. 1976 ↩︎

  2. Pun intended… referring to an opening scene of Seinfeld ↩︎